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Date Night!

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Yes!   Date Night!   And you want to look your lovely best.   Right?

Spring Sun Is Out!

Moving on then ....   Campaign 11 and Spring is Upon Us ...  Yes!

Time for the Sun, and time for the Sun Protection of SPF

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Oplimatte technology combines mattifying powders with water-based pigments for light texture Foundation comes in 21 shades, concealer in 13 20 SPF Sheer coverage, soft matte finish How would you like flawless skin without the feeling of a heavier foundation? I love lighter foundations in warmer weather. Let me show you Ideal Nude - I think you're going to love it. Ideal Nude's formula actually has oil-blotting properties because it includes mattifying powders. Ideal Nude foundation comes in 21 shades - let's find the one that's perfect for you!

Back in the Business - Avon Representative returns.

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We moved, I rested, then enjoyed the wonderful things there are to do in our city.  And maybe it is well that we moved from west side of the state to Eastern Washington.  The region I live in now includes some amazing scenic sites with the 2,000 + lakes to explore.   Yes, we did leave behind the beautiful coastal scenery of Western Washington, and love it as much as I did, I find I also love this region for so many different reasons.  The adage that this city (which happens to be the 2nd largest city in Washington, with Seattle being the 1st largest) has a small town, community caring one for the other atmosphere in a big city.  Welcome to Spokane,  I was a busy career woman growing up a family when we first lived here, and ever so much younger.  I did not see half the sites available to see at little to no charge in those early busy years.  And now after capitalizing on seeing as much as we dared to see before our budget star…

New Avon Representative

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Note - remember the post below was in much has changed in the passing years!

Most of the information you will need and use is located at the youravon website for representatives. You will have been given an account number and will be able to sign in to use the suite of web tools available for new representatives. The categories include a training section and I highly recommend taking the time to go through each of the training segments. They are structured as online videos with clear instructions for how to use the video and within the video are step by step instructions, with practice sessions to help you better understand all aspects of your new business.

In this new tech savvy generation, most people do have computer or access to computer and some knowledge about how to use. For you, it will feel natural to use your computer to help you with your new Avon business. For some who have not yet become comfortab…

Okay - Now What? New to Avon?

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Note: the post below was in 2010 and much has changed in the passing years. 

Are you a new Avon Independent Sales Representative? Or perhaps you want to start and build your own business and have thought about Avon. Many Avon Representatives have shared building your Avon business tips and I have added some of those helpful tips here. When I was brand new to this business, I have had so many new and experienced people share information freely with me, and I am returning the favor.

Sharing successes is part of helping women (and men) grow their businesses. View and visit the links on the left which are also shown below.

You may want to learn more about the products. When you shop at my store, you can click on any of the products by category, product line or the menu to the left for best sellers, top rated, what's new (and so forth). Click on any item and it will take you to more specific information about that…