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We moved, I rested, then enjoyed the wonderful things there are to do in our city.  And maybe it is well that we moved from west side of the state to Eastern Washington.  The region I live in now includes some amazing scenic sites with the 2,000 + lakes to explore.   Yes, we did leave behind the beautiful coastal scenery of Western Washington, and love it as much as I did, I find I also love this region for so many different reasons.  The adage that this city (which happens to be the 2nd largest city in Washington, with Seattle being the 1st largest) has a small town, community caring one for the other atmosphere in a big city.  Welcome to Spokane,  I was a busy career woman growing up a family when we first lived here, and ever so much younger.  I did not see half the sites available to see at little to no charge in those early busy years.  And now after capitalizing on seeing as much as we dared to see before our budget started to scream, we find ourselves older, in new circumstances, some we don't fully understand, yet here we are vigorous, able, excited, anticipating what is yet to come.  

You remember Avon, right.  I did it in the old fashioned way, seems things have changed up a bit, and I will catch up with the What's New about Avon these days.  Relationships are still of great value to me, and maybe in this whirlwind of energy and activity that has replaced my former known world, I will find 'my place' in some corner of this big new world,   Happy Days friends!

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There are many brochures to browse through, including Living, Sales at Outlet, Campaign Brochure, and any number of Deals Flyers given the time of year.  

Avon Living | Spring Issue: Brunch Party


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