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Note - remember the post below was in much has changed in the passing years!

Most of the information you will need and use is located at the youravon website for representatives. You will have been given an account number and will be able to sign in to use the suite of web tools available for new representatives. The categories include a training section and I highly recommend taking the time to go through each of the training segments. They are structured as online videos with clear instructions for how to use the video and within the video are step by step instructions, with practice sessions to help you better understand all aspects of your new business.

In this new tech savvy generation, most people do have computer or access to computer and some knowledge about how to use. For you, it will feel natural to use your computer to help you with your new Avon business. For some who have not yet become comfortable with computer, there are still the more traditional paper methods to manage your business. However you choose to conduct your interaction with the Avon company is a matter of choice, and assuredly the most important aspects for building your business is your personal touch in how you relate to your customers.

In the beginning you will have new customers, primarily among your family, friends and neighbors. You are likely to feel a bit of intimidation getting started, so don't hesitate to let them know you are newly learning. Most likely they will be patient with you as you learn your way around. And as you build your customer base, don't forget those early first customers who helped get you launched. They are your 'special' customers, without which you could not get your business kicked off. Remember to remember them, and give them some attention with an inexpensive free 'thinking of you gift', your Avon calendar at end of year, maybe letting them know when there are super special Avon specials.

When you have paid your $10.00, signed your contract and been given your starter kit, you will have the information and tools you need to get started. You will have brochures to distribute, and you will be busy learning how to process your orders, package them, deliver them, and getting your next campaign brochures to distribute. What I found to be helpful were the many Avon representatives willing to share information, tips, flyers, documents, go to resources, and helping new representatives wend their way through the process. I would suggest riding your enthusiasm, holding onto that feeling and sharing the excitement you feel with your customers, and also to be patient with yourself as you are in a learning curve. Maybe you have experience in this field from other endeavors, maybe it is your first time and you are nervous about your new enterprise. You may be able to take off running, or you may have to take baby steps until you are ready to fly. In time, you will develop your own style, technique, and sense of how you want to operate your business.


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